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From: Bob Molton
Date: Tuesday 8:30 A.M.
Re: Removing The Technical Barriers Of Internet Marketing

Dear Internet Marketing Friend,

If someone showed you "Proven Key Elements" that could drastically improve your online marketing literally overnight...

...Simply by knowing the right things to do, that actually produce real results within your online marketing, would you take notice?

Well, keep reading because I'm about to reveal how you can Remove The Technical Barriers Of Internet Marketing, and potentially improve your online marketing skills by 100% within the next 48 hours... by simply discovering the key skills needed for online success, and applying them today!

First Of All, Let Me Reveal Something That May Shock You.

Many Years ago when I was struggling to make sense of all the pieces of the Internet Marketing puzzle, (let alone have control over it) I would study anything and everything I could get my hands on, trying to gain the proper knowledge of how it all worked, and the  best strategies to implement for successful results. Overwhelming is an understatement!

You see, I didn't have an online mentor at that time, and I didn't personally know anyone that was doing the things that I wanted to do online. Early on, everything I learned was from watching other online marketers and trying to reverse-engineer what they were doing.

There was a lot of trial and error, but mostly error. I didn't have any structure or real  guidance in my daily online routine. I bought e-books and studied as much information as I could, but I was getting overwhelmed and didn't know where to spend the bulk of my time in terms of what was most important for online success. Looking back, it's now clear I was learning a little bit about everything. A turn down the wrong road for sure!

I spent years learning and implementing things "out of order" so to speak. Things that extended my goals much further than I ever expected, but I never gave up!

Eventually It all came together, but what I discovered was that I skimmed over the core fundamental elements of successful internet marketing in general. Since I didn't have a mentor to guide me in the right direction, I learned all kinds of bits and pieces of everything, and tied them together the best I could.

It's similar to looking at a jigsaw puzzle with missing pieces. You can sort of see the big picture, but it's not quite there. Oddly enough, I did make a sale every few days, which was what kept me going. I knew deep down that I would eventually master this process. 

As time went on, I made friends with some really talented internet marketers (many of which I'm sure you're familiar with). I met these talented marketers at seminars I attended across the states. The time spent attending those seminars was most beneficial for me, because I was able to interact and mastermind with truly successful internet marketers. I soon started realizing many problems and mistakes I had made over the years, and was able to quickly correct them and get an actual business model in place. What a wake up call!

I basically had to go back to the beginning and refine the core fundamentals of my entire approach to Internet Marketing. I needed to fill in all the gray areas and missing pieces of the puzzle, and then change my mindset to a new way of thinking.

"Armand Morin - Internet Strategist Author and Marketing Authority"

Armand Morin has been a big inspiration to me throughout my years of online marketing. It gave me great pleasure to personally tell Armand that!

I had the opportunity of spending 3 amazing days with Armand in Las Vegas at Red Rocks. 

Armand was in rare form, and unleashed highly useful inside information, as only Armand can. Anyone who knows Armand, knows he's always on the cutting edge of today's marketing strategies.

This was one of the turning points in my online marketing career. I vividly remember implementing several strategies and techniques Armand taught, and finally getting some successful results.

Removing The Technical Barriers Was A "Key Factor" In
Becoming The Successful Marketer I Knew I could be.

I finally started gaining control over the key elements of internet marketing, and began seeing more and more successful results from my online efforts. I was producing better products, and finally had an easy to follow blueprint that was similar to the marketers I highly respected. Everything started falling into place rapidly from that point forward.

Much of that was due to (now) seeing the big picture from all the little pieces I had already put into place. I had finally removed the technical barriers that were holding me back! If I had a mentor to guide me in the right direction from day one, I could have been twice the marketer in half the time. But...It all eventually fell into place.

The blessing in disguise is that because I had to figure so many things out for myself, (in bits and pieces over the years), it really gave me a strong advantage to help other struggling online marketers see their problem areas, and help them to quickly overcome their obstacles!

I slowly began helping other people in the same situation I was in. I started compiling information that I knew was helpful, and began developing an information course that would remove the technical barriers for anybody who applied the training. 

I was careful to include everything needed to start from the ground up. Whether you're a brand new online marketer, or been struggling for years, I made sure that the course covers all the absolute necessities of a successful internet marketer, and make them fast and easy to implement into your personal marketing plan.

"Mike Filsaime - Creator of The Famous Butterfly Marketing Script"

I spent 4 action packed days in San-Francisco with the one and only Mike Filsaime!

Mike hosted the World Internet Marketing Event. It was an annual worldwide internet marketing event, and I had the opportunity to attend the very last one.

I met so many talented marketers from around the world at this event. This was a game changer for my career as well.

Mike went out to purchase some giveaway prizes for the next day's event, and one of the prizes was a very cool HP Laptop. I'm actually using that very laptop right this minute! What a coincidence... and pleasant reminder of that event.

I've used Mike's Butterfly Marketing Script, and am currently using his Automated Webinar System. He has taught me a lot over the years about structuring a profitable sales funnel.

From car salesman to successful Internet Marketer, Mike Filsaime is one of the industry's key players.

I Soon Began To Realize, Many Internet Marketers Had The Same Missing Pieces Of The Puzzle That I Did.

It became clear, the core fundamental elements of online marketing were often being overlooked, and even worse, being made far more complicated than need be. This can create so many bumps in the road, it can possibly drive you to the point of giving up.

Fortunately, I can spot these problems quickly, and that is where I'm able to help other marketers get back on track. It's been said that it's hard to see the forest from the trees... This is where seeing the fundamentals laid out in an orderly way, really helps you to fill in the missing pieces of the puzzle, and trim off the excess fat.

These "key elements" of Internet Marketing aren't the most exciting things to master, but what they'll do for you and your family are priceless. Often times people assume that what they're doing is the right thing, and that eventually it will work! I used to think that too... The truth is, if you're not getting the results you're after, chances are you're either doing the wrong things, or making things too complicated. It's much easier to follow a proven system that works, and used by successful online marketers worldwide.  

NOW... If someone proved to you that you'd get major results from following a proven step by step video blueprint system, of the easy fundamental skills required to succeed, AND... removing the technical barriers that may be holding you back... Would that be the deciding factor for you to make a change for the better today? I'm hoping you're saying YES! Since you've come this far, I'm fairly certain you're saying YES!

It's not surprising that we all want successful results from our online efforts, and the income that it provides... That's understandable, but no matter how shiny the car looks, and how cool the the rims are... It's only when the engine is firing on all cylinders, that you'll win the race! In other words, build your online business from a proven blueprint, on a solid foundation. The key elements of internet marketing are within your reach now.

"Joel Comm - New York Times Best Seller, The Adsense Code, and...
The Next  Internet Millionaire"

Joel Comm is a very special friend to me. Joel is the real deal. A genuine nice guy that really goes the extra mile for people. Not just for family and friends, but his clients as well.

I met Joel in Chicago Illinois at an internet marketing event. We began chatting between sessions and found that we had a lot in common

I previously submitted a video resume for his "Next Internet Millionaire" show, and he told me that he remembered my video, and that
I was within the final picks of the show, but didn't make it.

It turned out to be another blessing in disguise, because Joel personally invited me to his headquarters in Loveland, Colorado for 3 days of training with him and his entire team! Talk about first class hospitality.

Joel has some of the best people on his team. When I say team, I mean TEAM! They're a fine tuned machine operating within a beautiful building overlooking the mountains. Everybody works together in harmony.

We all masterminded around the big table just like you'd picture in your mind...They picked apart my business and gave me the proper course correction for my business model. Awesome is the only word to describe it!
It was an amazing amount of fun, and a huge turning point for me.

Not only was it a turning point in my online career, it was also one of the most memorable experiences I've had to this day. Thanks Joel.

Years Of Learning From The Best Internet Marketers In The World Has Put Me In A Unique Position To Help Others
(Just Like You) Achieve Online Marketing Success!

Most online marketers, (when trying to figure everything out, and learning all that they can to move forward in creating a steady income), often tend to try many things that seems to be working for others, but just doesn't work for you. Sound familiar?

You are not alone, believe me. Even worse, is when you stop working on one thing and start working on something else, only to discover the same exact thing all over again.

This quickly becomes an exhausting and depressing vicious cycle. I have been through this many times, and still sometimes wonder how I made it through without giving up.

I always knew in my heart that I could eventually create a successful recurring income from my online efforts, but I did get caught up in chasing many new products that were released, thinking it would be the thing that brings me success. Never would it be.

The bottom line is, I was not only chasing all the the new products, and chasing new business models, I was also wasting lots of precious time and money, AND... unknowingly,
Making everything WAY TOO HARD!

I began realizing that I needed to surround myself with SUCCESSFUL Internet Marketers, and seek real world coaching from the best in the world.

As you can see from the photos of marketers I was fortunate enough to learn from, I was able to get the guidance I needed to finally break through the barriers of many things that had been holding me back for years.

I've learned so much from the Greatest Internet Marketers over the years, and have been able to cherry pick the gold nuggets of information I learned from each of them.

This alone has helped me to understand how to strip the entire online business model down to its core, and focus on the things that actually make a difference, and more importantly produce an income stream. 

AND... Removing The Technical Barriers, and finally understanding that the simple core principals are what I should be focusing on, was the "Ah Ha" moment I needed to start gaining traction and seeing results I had been waiting for so long.

Outsourcing can be a good thing, BUT... I don't want you to have to go down that road until you're in a position to make that choice wisely, and for reasons that enhance your already thriving business. You can do the necessary things yourself with guidance.

The whole point of what I'm trying to help you overcome, is the simple things you need to do when Creating a Successful Internet Marketing Career, can be done by YOU!

Many of you may already know what needs to be done to make money online, but... I don't want you to have any problems with setting up your own website, creating your download page, uploading your products to your download page, and getting the whole sales process up and working properly, etc...

These are the gold nuggets of information I've learned over the years, from the absolute Best Internet Marketers In The World. AND...The best part is that it's all evergreen. 

I was fortunate enough to be coached by the best in the world, Its your turn to benefit.

I'm Here To Help YOU!

"John Reese - A True Legend In The World Of Internet Marketing"

John Reese is considered a pioneer of internet marketing, with over 28 years of marketing behind him.

I was fortunate enough to meet John Reese in southern California at an Internet Marketing Convention.

It was a rare opportunity to speak with John, considering he doesn't attend as many Internet Marketing Events these days.

John is a master of testing, tracking, and researching different marketing techniques. He's highly respected in the internet Marketing world by nearly all of his peers, and is known for an extremely amazing product launch!

On August 17, 2004, John Reese shocked the Internet marketing world and pulled in over $1,000,000 in sales in less than 24 hours for the launch of his product "Traffic Secrets Revealed".

John believes his big turning point, from obscurity to success, was when he sold a domain name for $900. The person who bought it resold it for One Million Dollars in Cash!

Finally, It's Time To Break The Chains That Have Been

Robbing You Of Success. I'm Passionate About Helping Others, And Thrilled To Provide Tools For Your Success!

Let's be clear, I don't claim to be an internet marketing "guru", BUT, I'm a teacher at heart and I did learn my marketing skills from some of the Best Internet Marketers in the World!

That being said, in many ways it's a wider range of education being comprised of multiple leaders in the industry. I only tell you this to give you a strong sense of security and... complete confidence with the information I'm about to share with you.

If I helped only one person from having to go through all the struggles that I did, then it's well worth it to offer the insider information that unlocked all the doors for me.

One of the Biggest Obstacles that I regularly see people trying to overcome, are the Technical Hurdles of building a web-based business.

They simply don't know how to set up sales pages, opt-in pages (squeeze pages), download pages, auto-responders, all those types of necessary components needed.

Maybe you can relate to that.

I've found that the best way to help others learn and retain important information is by using simple and easy "step-by-step" training videos that can be watched on your very own computer screen.

I've compiled a "current" comprehensive video course to help people overcome all those technical hurdles that are holding them back from success.

This is exactly the kind of training people are searching for on the internet every day!

This is NEW cutting edge material for today's online marketing, and is in high demand.

What If I Could Show You The Key Elements Of Successful Internet Marketing, Used By Famous Internet Marketers All Over The World... Would You Be Interested?

"I.M. Tech Training 2.0 Course"

In this course, you're getting 60 brand new step-by-step training videos that teach the technical side of how to build a successful online business.

Let's take a look at some of the things covered in this powerful course...

Here Is The Technical Training You Will Receive
The Moment You Decide This Is Truly The
Technical Training You Have Been Waiting For!

The Most Up To Date (6)+ Module Set Of Step-By-Step Technical Training Video Tutorials On The Internet!

Domain Management and C-panel - 12 Videos

  1  - Registering Domain Name
  2  - Buying Bulk Domain Names
  3  - Buying Hosting Hostgator
  4  - Buying Hosting Bluehost
  5  - C-panel Basics
  6  - Pointing Domain Name
  7  - Setting up email account in Cpanel
  8  - Setting up email forwarder
  9  - Web Analytics
 10 - Fantastico Overview
 11 - C-panel autoresponse message
 12 - Deleting Fantastico Installations With Cpanel

WordPress Beginnings - 13 Videos

  13 - Wordpress Setup
  14 - Customizing Your Wordpress Theme
  15 - Navigating Wordpress Dashboard
  16 - Wordpress Settings - Going Live Part 1
  17 - Wordpress Settings - Going Live Part 2
  18 - Wordpress Plugins

  19 - Spam Free Wordpress Setup
  20 - Managing Wordpress Default Themes
  21 - Wordpress Links and Blog Roll
  22 - Changing Wordpress Headerand Background
  23 - Adding Your First new Post
  24 - Adding Your First New Page
  25 - Adding Your Contact Us Forms to Wordpress

WordPress Advanced - 8 Videos


"Advanced Module"

Autoresponder Training Managing your List - 12 Videos

  26 - Creating New List with AWeber
  27 - Creating Follow Up Sequence
  28 - Creating Your Web Form For List Building
  29 - Installing Your Aweber Web Form
  30 - Trouble Shooting Your Aweber Web Form
  31 - Aweber Web Form Statistics
  32 - Understanding Aweber Reports
  33 - Managing Your Aweber Subscribers
  34 - GetResponse Campaign Setup
  35 - GetResponse WebForm Setup
  36 - GetResponse Installing Web Form
  37 - GetResponse Sending An Email

Creating & Editing Sales Pages and
Download Pages - 10 Videos

  38 - Editing & Rebranding PLR Sales Page Part 1
  39 - Editing & Rebranding PLR Sales Page Part 2
  40 - Adding Your Disclaimers and Privacy Policies
  41 - Sales Page Final Editing
  42 - Saving Your Sales Page changes (Important)
  43 - Adding your picture to your Html website
  44 - Setting Up Download Pages
  45 - Monetizing Download Pages
  46 - Editing PLR Minisite
  47 - Adding Sales Copy to PLR Minisite

Basic Editing of Graphics and Images - 6 Videos

  48 - Resizing Images
  49 - Creating PDF Document
  50 - Creating a zip file
  51 - Extracting a Zip File
  52 - Creating Exit Pop
  53 - Jing Free Screen Captures Tutorial

Tech Side of Affiliate Marketing - 16 Videos


"Advanced Module"

Tech Basics of FTP - 7 Videos

  54 - Filezilla FTP Installation
  55 - FileZilla FTP First Steps
  56 - FileZilla FTP Uploading First File
  57 - FileZilla FTP Creating File Names & Folders
  58 - FileZilla FTP Creating Download Links & More
  59 - FileZilla FTP Upload Website & Work With File Names
  60 - FileZilla FTP Protecting Files With Snooper Pages

These trainings are the EXACT same Step-By-Step technical training I went through, and it will show you the very things you need to do, (or at least understand how to do) to start making your life the amazing life you are intended to have.
The best part is that this technical training is laid out in a very simple start here first format for you to follow.
I understand that if you're a beginner I can't just hand you a complete technical training encyclopedia and expect you to know where to start first.
It sure helped me to have a "start here" and "end here" plan, I think it helps you too.
I also understand you do not want to watch a 2 hour video just to find one little step that you are not understanding. You want to skip all the things you do understand and get right to the help. This is important!
That is why I took this entire course and had it broken down into several short 5-10 minute video's that are clearly marked and labeled to give you the quickest answers and help as possible.

"But...This Sounds Like An Expensive Course"

You know something, I'm very excited to give you some GREAT NEWS, because I know that you're going to be pleasantly surprised when you hear this!

You see, normally a course like this will be sold for at least $197 and even higher. I know that a lot of marketers wouldn't hesitate to grab this course at this cost. And... for all that you are getting it would be a steal at the price of $97, which is what I normally sell this kind of product for.

But instead, I've decided to let you have this for a drop-dead bargain, so you're not even going to pay anything close to that amount...

Your investment?... a meager $27 Today! (One Time Payment)

No, that's not a misprint... You must be wondering what's the catch, well there's one. You have to do just one little thing to get it at this crazy low price right now...
Just take action!

What more can you ask for?

Okay, wait just a second before you make your decision...

Allow me to give you a Very Useful BONUS for taking action now!

For a Limited Time, Get This Amazing Bonus!

Fast & Free Traffic Formula

(12-Video Series)

$97.00 Value... Yours FREE!
  • Introduction
  • Adswaps
  • Affiliates
  • Wikipedia
  • Yahoo Answers
  • YouTube
  • Google News
  • Articles
  • Press Releases
  • SEO
  • Squidoo
  • Blogs

I want you to have this (valuable and important) Bonus Module to help get traffic to your website quickly, for absolutely no extra cost. My way of going the extra mile to help you.

REMEMBER, this is all about you and your success, and I really want you to succeed.

"What Kind Of Results Can You Expect Once You Understand This Technical Stuff?"

Once I figured it all out, I was able to start creating products and begin driving traffic on demand. It's nice to be able to create a product when you want to, and have it ready for the market in as little as one day, or a few, depending on what you're creating.

AND... Yes, the money follows in after the product begins to sell. I guess that would be one of the most important results from creating and selling your products ;-)

Once you get the hang of things it becomes real fun, real fast! I've heard other marketers talk about turning this process into a game, by monitoring how fast they can generate a certain amount of income in a certain amount of time.

As I said, it really does become fun generating income, BUT be careful not to let it take control of your life, because it can.

"Imagine This For a Moment..."

Right Now... Just as you are about to take control of your Internet Marketing future,
I want you to picture someone else in your shoes that is in the exact same position you are right now, wouldn't you love to help them get over their hurdles too?

Wouldn't you get joy from helping others solve their technical problems and finally get it! Especially family members, you could directly help make a difference in their lives. This is a prime example of the cycle of helping. Someone helps you, and you in return can help someone else now. I think it's a blessing.

To Be Fair With You And Others, I'm Being Up-Front About This Super Low Price... It's For A Limited Time Only!

It's true. The price could change at at any time depending on when you're reading this, but I can assure you this is the lowest price you'll ever see it at. 

This course is complete and so full of content that it really takes a lot of web space to house it, maintain the content, and take care of all the people inside the members area.

Remember, I originally sell this course for $97, BUT... It's only $27 Today!

This is your chance to finally eliminate your technical problems once and for all.

Don't let this pass you by... it's the most affordable price and help you will find.

Either you can stay in the same boat with just one paddle that you've always been in, going round and around trying to figure out how to get the technical aspects of making money online worked out, or you can get in a new boat and grab this technical blueprint and sail away with the education and experience that will lead you to fulfilling your dreams of financial security.

You just won't find this information anywhere else. That's a solid fact! This is the ONLY website in the entire world that has this kind of quality technical support.

This is it. The choice is yours. Just take action now while you still can!

Here's a Review Of Everything You'll Get
The Moment You Join...
"Internet Marketing Technical Training"

Internet Marketing Technical Training 2.0
Module 1:
Domain Management and C-panel - (12 Videos)
Module 2:
WordPress Beginnings - (13 Videos)
Module 3:
WordPress Advanced - (8 Videos)
Module 4:
Autoresponder Training Managing Your List - (12 Videos)
Module 5:
Creating, Editing Sales Pages & Download Pages-(10 Videos)
Module 6:
Basic Editing of Graphics and Images - (6 Videos)
Module 7:
Tech Side of Affiliate Marketing - (16 Videos)
Module 8:
Tech Basics of FTP - (7 Videos)
BONUS: Module 9:
Fast and FREE Traffic Formula - (12 Videos
Total Real World Value Today:

Your Price Today:
Just $27
(One Time Payment)

Limited Time Offer: I want to personally hand you
"The Solution" to master your technical hurdles...

For this reason, I'm offering a super low price on
"Internet Marketing Technical Training 2.0"

If you're finally ready to break free, and start making a real difference in your online marketing, then get "Internet Marketing Technical Training 2.0" Today for Just: $27

And It Comes with This 30-Day
"No Questions Asked" Priority Guarantee!

If you don't see an improvement in your internet marketing skills within the next 30 days, I want you to request a complete and prompt refund.

However, I'm super confident you'll stay and embrace the training you'll be receiving, And... send in a testimonial explaining how much you've accomplished after applying the training you've learned inside the "Internet Marketing Technical Training 2.0" course.
I'm very excited for you, and Looking forward to hearing back from you.

"Your Technical Training Solution"

Limited Time Special Offer!

The ONLY Website You'll Need To Get This Kind Of Quality Internet Technical Training Support!

Priority Order Form...
Internet Marketing Technical Training 2.0

YES! I Want To Get The "Internet Marketing Technical Training 2.0 Course To Improve My Internet Marketing Skills Today!

  • I understand I will be billed $27 today to receive immediate access to the
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Order over our secure order form.

P.S. Internet Marketing Technical Training 2.0 is a single payment membership site. You will need the Adobe Flash plugin installed (free and included with most browsers), or a video player capable of playing MP4 files if you want to watch the videos offline.

P.P.S. After signing up, your account will be instantly activated and you will have access to the first of the training videos in the next few minutes.


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